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Frank Khalid
AKA Fukhera Khalid

Husband | Father | Family Man

Businessman | Employer | Philanthropist


Frank Khalid is a businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has followed his passion for family, food, football and film to become an award winning and celebrated business leader both here in the UK and internationally.

Born in 1968 in South East London, Frank left school and set up a wholesale business at the tender age of 16. Taking a small unit of 6,000 square feet in East London’s Stratford, it wasn’t long until Frank needed bigger premises and in 1985 moved to Barking occupying a 25,000 square foot warehouse. Ambitious and determined to expand the ‘Cash and Carry’ business, in 1993 Frank took on another unit, Elbrook in Mitcham, Surrey. He credits his father as the inspiration for wanting to run his own business having helped out in the family’s local convenience store.

A turn of events saw Frank have to put his business ambitions to keep expanding on hold. In 1994 his second child, Imran with wife Sajida (whom he married in 1989) was diagnosed with autism and as a result would need significant care and support in his formative years and throughout his life. Taking a step back to dedicate more time to his family’s increasing needs, Frank made the decision to lease out the Barking space and focused on the Elbrook Cash and Carry.

In 1996, having grown significantly, with annual turnover of £100 million Elbrook Cash and Carry was rewarded with inclusion in the Top 30 Wholesalers List by respected trade magazine, The Grocer.

An opportunity then arose for Frank to invest in banqueting and conference facilities, which were adjacent to the Elbrook Cash and Carry called ‘CHAK 89’. This investment paid off and CHAK89 is now a major player in the Asian Wedding Market.

With both Elbrook and CHAK 89 performing well and a property portfolio across London worth in excess of £30 million, Frank’s status as a successful entrepreneur was consolidated and he turned his efforts to philanthropy.

Having quietly supported his local community and a range of charities for years in 2009, Frank decided to hold a charity gala in aid of Autism Anglia, to help raise funds and awareness of the condition. Each year since, Elbrook has held a star-studded charity gala for a number of charitable causes and raised over £300K; one of which is the Asian Trust, where Frank has been a patron since 2007. The trust was set up by HRH Prince Charles and Asian business leaders to support the vision of a South Asia that maximises the potential of its people, and that is free from inequality and injustice.

Frank has received numerous awards, including the Pakistani Achievement Awards - Role Model of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, British Community Honour Awards - Outstanding contribution to the community. Fulfilling his passion for film, Frank branched out in 2013 by opening the West London Film Studios in Hayes, Middlesex. Housing six studios and over 100 offices it is among the top ten film studios in the UK.

In 2014 Frank’s businesses had an annual turnover of £145m and employed over 85 people across all 3 businesses (Elbrook Cash and Carry, CHAK89, West London Film Studios).

Another of Frank’s true loves came into focus when in 2016 he was approached by Touch Sky Group, a sports management and branding agency. With his passion for football he jumped at the chance to get involved.

In 2018, Frank with friend Stefan Poleon, teamed up with Hollywood actor, Mark Wahlberg and American rapper, producer, actor and entrepreneur P.Diddy for the launch of a new water AQUAhydrate in the UK.

Annual Turnover


Annual turnover for 2014



Employees over 3 Businesses

Charity Donations


Charity Donations made in the last 5 years

Personal Awards

Personal Awards


Asian Voice Political Awards - Business man of the year


Pakistani Achievement Awards - Entrepreneur of the year


World Food Awards - Entrepreneur of the year


English Curry Awards - Curry King of the year


British Community Honour Awards - Outstanding contribution to the community


Pakistani Achievement Awards - Star of Pakistan


Asian Curry Awards - Lifetime achievement award


Pakistani Achievement Awards - Star of Pakistan


Pakistani Achievement Awards - Role Model of the Year


Essex TV Entrepreneur of the Year


Pakistan Achievement Awards - Contribution to the food industry


Asian Food & Restaurant Awards - Life Time Achievement Award


Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts