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7 May 2018

Chelsea star N'Golo Kante shows caring side by making surprise visit to Blues fan after undergoing major heart surgery

The French midfielder made a three-hour round trip to visit Frank Khalid while he recovered from a triple bypass operation.

N’Golo Kante showed it’s not just his teammates he is happy to help by taking time out to cheer up a Chelsea fan after major heart surgery.

Kind-hearted Kante made a surprise visit to lift big Blues supporter Frank Khalid’s spirits as he recovered from a triple bypass operation.

As well as his tireless displays and getting through the work of two players Mini-driving midfielder Kante is also renowned for his humility and down-to-earth personality.

And he thought nothing of giving up his time last week to make the three-hour round trip from his London home to see businessman Mr Khalid, 49, after being told of his plight.

Kante was also an apt visitor as it was during Chelsea’s Champions League trip to Barcelona in March, and the away fans’ tiring match day journey to the Nou Camp in particular, that Mr Khalid first fell ill.

After tests when he returned to the UK doctors told Elbrook cash and carry owner Mr Khalid that the chest pain and shortness of breath he was experiencing were heart attacks and he needed a triple heart bypass.

“Frank was really happy to see N’Golo. He’s a massive Chelsea fan and he really appreciated the effort that we went to see him,” a close friend said.

“The visit lifted Frank’s spirit and he was really really touched that N’Golo made the effort to come to see him.”

Source: Mirror Online